mi-tiresTM management software was especially designed for car dealers and mechanic shops offering tires storage. mi-Tires™ allows these compagnies to effectively manage tires seasonal storage and helps these retailers to obtain a higher retention rate by offering a value added service to their customers.

  • Flexibility - Simple solution, adapting to your specific needs ...
  • Efficiency - Transactions and movements  tracking ...
  • Precision - Precise data at your fingertips...

mi-Tires™ managers and users agree to say it is the most flexible, efficient and precise solution currently is on the market.



Another Volkswagen Dealer adopts mi-tires for Tires Storage management.

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Mazda dealer uses mi-tires for their seasonal tires storage and offers space to other car dealers

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Quebec city large Toyota dealer installs mi-tires to manage seasonal and new tires storage

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